Battery Operated
Weather Proof
Chip Records Time
Timing Gate
BS11 Large Beacon
Broadcasts time

Warranty: 2 Years​​

For Rent: No

Serial #: Worldwide unique

Size: 11x 9x 1.5"​​, 2 lbs

Mounting: 1 cm pole clips

Role: Broadcast time only

Range: 3 Meter Radius

Passing Speed: 25 mph

Battery Operated: Yes​

Bat. Life: 1+ Day Charge

Bat. Recharge: 6 hrs USB

Programmable: Yes​​

List Price: $530 USD​​

Air+ Enduro Timing Set
5 Stage, 150 Rider, Turn key

Shipping: Free, worldwide

Purchase: Online shop

Discounted: Factory bundle

Event Software: JAS Timing and Scoring, available

$699 discounted to $599


Stages: Five, expandable

Starts: Air+ 1.8m radius

Finishes: ​Air+ 3m radius

Download: USB Dongle

Clear & On: Touch BSF8

 Chips: SIAC​ with strap​s

Limited Time Additional 25% Discount

5 Stage / 150 Rider Set:  $15,980   $ 11,985    $80 / rider

6 Stage / 300 Rider Set:  $27,700   $ 20,775    $70 / rider



Timing Chip
SPORTident Active Card (SIAC)
Saves timestamp

Warranty: 2 Years​​

Rentable: Yes, $8/weekend

Serial #: Worldwide unique

Size: 2.5x 0.75x 0.5"​​, 0.4 oz

Mounting: Elastic strap

Role: Select and save time

Capacity: 128 Stamps

Battery Operated: Yes​

Bat. Life: 2-4+ years

Bat. Change: Factory

Backwards Comp.: Yes, can use touch BSF8

List Price: $79 USD

Intelligent timing:


- Timestamps stored on the chip

- Split times available upon finish

- Enduro results are instant


- Timing chip is a micro-controller

- Timing gate is just a beacon

- Chip selects strongest time

- Chip saves time to memory



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